Springwatch at Brancepeth 2020

Welcome to Brancepeth Springwatch

5/6/20 – Thank you for all the amazing photographs covering spring emerging during lockdown!

To capture the uplifting mood of Spring …please send any photographs taken of local wildlife, flora and fauna …particularly of interest to people who like wildlife and photography and for anyone who is not able to get out during the health crisis.  Please send to BrancepethCA@gmail.com

26/5/20 ‘Orange woodland blossom & a cute baby Hare!’ – Stockley Farm

24/5/20 ‘Serious looking Coot!’ – Oakenshaw Reservoir 

23/5/20  ‘In full bloom @ Brancepeth Castle Golf Club’

22/5/20 ‘Swallows over Granary Cottage’

21/5/20 ‘The gigantic Rhododendron – magnifico! at Brancepeth Castle Golf Club 

20/5/20  A very …’Cute Coot Chick!  – Oakenshaw Reservoir 

19/5/20 ‘Flying high’ – Swallow – shot taken at Stockley Farm

18/5/20 ‘Coots – black and red water birds’ – Oakenshaw Reservoir 

16/5/20 ‘Church Tulips’ – amazing colours & Church wild meadow flowers – gorgeous at St Brandon’s 

14/5/20 ‘Coot family …happy in their surroundings …Oakenshaw Reservoir 

13/5/20 ‘Moorhen chick & Swallow ..fantastic! …shots taken by R.Hardern 

12/5/20 ‘Moorhen Family –  gorgeous’! – Oakenshaw Reservoir’ 

9/5/20 ‘Spring lambs at home at Brancepeth Manor Farm’ 

8/5/20  Bluebell floor still in bloom at ‘Brancepeth Manor Woods’

6/5/20 ‘Full Moon – named the Flower Moon –  Amazing shots captured at Granary Cottage – thank you Richard! 

5/5/20 ‘The growing season has begun’ – The village allotments 

3/5/20 ‘Myosotis sylvatica’ better known as Forget-me-nots!  Photo taken One Hundred Acre Wood 

2/5/20 ‘Waxing Gibbous Moon’ – 2 shots captured 1 hour apart at Granary Cottage, Stockley Farm 

1/5/20  ‘Early evening walk …Oakenshaw Reserve’ – peaceful …

1/5/20 ‘More bluebells …wild and at home in their woodland setting’ – Stockley Farm 

30/4/20 ‘Squirrel mid air at One Hundred Acre Wood – using a simple snapshot! Thank you Peter, it’s great!

30/4/20 ‘Bluebells dappled in spring sun’ – One Hundred Acre Wood’

29/4/20 ‘Happy chickens’ – Stockley Farm

28/4/20 ‘Taraxacum also known as dandelions …from a substantial local crop – graphic arty style shots’ 

27/4/20 ‘Vivid apple blossom emerging’ – Hardern Acre, Stockley Farm

26/4/20 ‘A vivid rainbow at sunset’  – view from Stockley Farm

26/4/20 ‘The same rainbow as above’ – view from ‘The Forge’ towards Wolsingham Road, The Village

25/4/20 ‘Tiger, looking more tame this time!’ …Stockley Farm 

24/4/20 ‘The first apple blossom at Harden Acre’                24/4/20 ‘Bee time …’Stockley Farm beehive’ …

23/4/20 ‘The intrepid Tiger (by name and looks) stalks through the daffs …The Hodge’s wee pet cat! 

23/4/20 ‘Wood Pigeon in the daffodils’ …Stockely Farm 

23/4/20 ‘A grand sycamore’ …from R. Hardern

23/4/20 ‘ Violets in the Hundred Acre Wood’                        23/4/20 ‘Bluebell in the sun’ – Stockley Farm 

22/4/20 ‘Cherry Blossoms the symbolic flower of spring’ – Hardern Acre, Stockley Farm this afternoon

21/4/20 ‘St Brandon’s Church noble and peaceful in the Spring sun this fine morning’ 

21/4/20 ‘Dandelion’ – from a locally supplied substantial crop!’ 

21/4/20 ‘Frootie the hard working cat (not)’ –  Granary Cottage, Stockley

20/4/20 ‘Views around Brancepeth Castle Golf Club from an appreciative walker (VG)’

20/4/20 ‘Tulip basking in the afternoon sun’ at Granary Cottage, Stockley Farm

19/4/20 ‘Beautiful Bluebells at Stockley Woods’ …early evening photo 

18/4/20 ‘Plumb Blossom’ at Hardern’s Acre, Stockley Farm 

17/4/20 ‘Village Flower Tubs’ – thank you Edith, lovely photos!  

16/4/20 ‘Life’s good in this Haren ..at Stockley Farm

15/4/20 ‘Springing Spirea & A Starling bathing in sun’ …Stockley Farm’

14/4/20 ‘Skyward at Stockley Forest today …

13/4/20 ‘The very venerable Mighty Mouse at Rectory Cottage!      13/4/20 ‘Potato Time – village allotments’!

10/4/20 ‘It’s a hard life …Frootie – enjoying the spring sun’! 

9 Apr 20  ‘Greylag Goose & Moorhen enjoying their surroundings at Oakenshaw Wildlife Reserve’

9 Apr 20 ‘Curlews – shot taken close to Stockley – the wading bird …looking for some water to play in perhaps?

8 Apr 20 ‘Good morning sun – feeling the warmth’ & ‘Harbinger of spring – plumb blossom’  – thank you Richard.

7 Apr 20 ‘Centuries old, vast and resplendent’ …view from Brancepeth Golf Course 

7 Apr 20 ‘In deep thought’ …A Female Hedge Sparrow at home at Stockley 

6 Apr 20 ‘Come back’!  Pheasants at Stockley 

6 Apr 20 ‘ The growing season begins …A view through to the allotments 

5 Apr 20 ‘St Brandon’s Church Flower Tubs & Daffodils’ … bursting with life & vibrancy …

5 Apr 20 ‘Woodpecker – pecking away’!  View from Stockley Farm – thank you Peter …

4 Apr 20 ‘Young Kestral, female Goosander & Black Cayuga Duck’ recently taken in local area by a keen Twitcher!   Thank you, great photos! 

3 Apr 20 ‘Hedge Sparrow’ In all its glory – view from The Granary’

3 Apr 20 ‘Follow me, Haren’! Aptly named by Peter Hodge …view at Stockley Farm

3 Apr 20 ‘Spring Flowers from Stockley’ 

02 Apr 20 ‘Views from holes 1 & 17 thanks to Brancepeth Golf Club for allowing walks on the course – beautiful’! 

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